Kcast 2.1

Kcast for Windows, a powerful, easy-to-use program

KCast is a program developed by Kitco Metals (a retailer of precious metals) in order to get the gold (and other precious metals) quotes variations from the stock market and put them directly in your computer desktop, instantly.

This software retrieves the current Bid and Ask price of Spot Gold from Kitco Metals website and the gold (and other precious metals, if you selected this option) quote will appear on your system tray, inreal time. Moreover, this program can display the last 24 hours price variations chart. They ask only that you spend a few minutes each day to give them feedback.

When you make an advanced install, options are shown to display and follow other valuable metals quotes, also instantly. You can correct your selections later using the Control Center configuration. Once runnung, Kitcast not only displays the current gold quotes, but it can show you the last 24 hours quotes history in chart form.

This program is designed for Windows and is fully compatible with 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP vesrions (no Mac nor Unix/Linux version)

Sergio A. Durán
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